Substract matter with Laser

Hi Makers,

Here is my problematic :

I’d like to engrave different depth with laser, but from CAD Files. To make it simple, some areas are not engraved, and some are, on a large area. (The purpose here is to have an easier and precise insertion in the final product, some kind of embedding, housing?).)

The thing is, when using AutoCAD, Luban only recognize vector, and even with hatchings, or filled the form with colors), that’s not imported in Luban. So I divided my object into 3 files, one for each layer (cutting, engrave …) but once in Luban there is still a problem. In the preview, the engraving path didn’t work the right way. Here is a few screenshot and sketches of what I mean :

What I want :

What I get :

And more, even if the object are in the same position in AutoCAD (@0,0), I can figure it out why they are not imported in the exact same position in Luban ?

So, if somebody can help me, (or us ?), please, be my guest !



Why not use CNC? I’ve found using CNC much far more predictable at removing material for certain depths than trying to use the laser. Surface etch with laser then remove with cnc.

I’ve think about it but I’m afraid of the lake of precision. And for others constructions I also need this kind of engraved area.

For removal (shaving down, not cut through) CNC is far more precise and predictable. Depending on your material, can use a 0.5mm bit or even smaller.