Snapmaker 200W CNC Module Bundle for Artisan Release

Hey Artisan 3D Printer Owners!

Snapmaker 200W CNC Module Bundle for Artisan is now available to purchase! For those of you who chose the Artisan 3D Printer with only the 3D printing function, we’ve got something special for you. Enter the 200W CNC Module Bundle! This release is designed for Artisan 3D Printer users who want to add the precision of CNC machining to their toolkit.

Please note: This 200W CNC Module is exactly the same as the one originally included in the Artisan 3-in-1 package – no upgrades.

Buy now:

📦 Discover What’s Inside:

  • Snapmaker 200W CNC Module

  • CNC Carving Platform for Snapmaker Artisan

  • Arched Fixture Kit

  • CNC Bits (5 Bits)

  • Quick Swap Toolhead Plate for Artisan (Not Adjustable Version)

  • Snapmaker CNC Safety Goggles

🚀Explore 200W CNC Module Highlights:

  • Experience 6× Faster CNC Machining (Compared with Snapmaker 2.0 50W CNC Module)

  • Operate with a 18000 RPM Spindle

  • Achieve Precision Machining on Hard Materials

⚙️ Support Materials:

Supported Materials (ideal): Hardwood (Beech, Walnut), Softwood, HDF, MDF Plywood, Jade, Carbon Fiber, Acrylic, Epoxy Tooling Board, PCB

Supported Materials (Capable): Aluminum(1000-6000 Series), Brass, Red Copper

💲 Exclusive Pre-order Offer:

Seize this opportunity for $249 (MSRP: $279)

We understand that some users may find CNC intimidating due to difficulty or lack of experience. Rest assured, we’re actively working on enhancing our wiki and tutorials to make your CNC journey smoother. For any questions and concerns, we’ve prepared an FAQ here. Share your thoughts in the comments below or reach out if you have any questions, thank you!

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