Snapmaker 2.0 laser EN 60825 compliance

Hi, where can I find documentation on that the laser module is EN 60825 compliant? It shall be, in order to put the CE marking on the product, and for it to be legally sold in the EU. It is required by the radiation authorities in my country.

They’ve declared the laser as a Class 4 device, which is the category for everything above a certain threshold. It may not actually be that powerful, but the choice to declare it as such means that the manufacturer does not need to pay for testing to show compliance with the requirements of a lower category.

I doubt the laser head is actually compliant, though, because of labeling requirements, which require black text on yellow background for the class declaration. The violation, if it’s actually one, isn’t particularly large, because most of what’s required is present in other ways. This opinion is based on a quick reading of some of the requirements, and I’m no expert on it.