SM2 A350 printing bed bends so much printing fails

Hey there,

We used our brand new SnapMaker2 A350 for some tests and it was pretty good for results.
I wanted to test a sligtly bigger object en we had a serious fail in the printbed!

Upon inspection we saw that the heating bed was seriously bended, see photos.
I think the aluminum has expanded during the heatup and moves the printboard outward.
I am very shocked by this and do not really know what to do about this.

The print was a base of 100mm circle 3 mm thick

Please help!

Sorry for the multi post (I can currently only post one picture per post)

These pictures are taken 4 minutes after shutting down the SnapMaker.
The bend was very noticeable be the naked eye but faded quickly once the bed was cooling.

your carriage is upside down… the threaded nut must face downward. Double check the manual for a more clear picture


That would explain allot!

Thanks I would never have seen that.