Slicers - A beginner's guidebook

I really like 3d printing, but I am still just beginning to understand all that is going on. I have a project that I want to start, but am completely unable to do myself. I would love to have a beginners guide to using other slicers with the J1. I am hoping for step-by-step instructions on what to download, what to install, how to install, even coding changes if need be to get these slicers working a least nominally. (I know it might take a lifetime to get it perfected.)

I am hoping some of our more knowledgeable participants could do this relatively quickly (because I know they have helped me out a number of times). I just know that when I try to do this myself, I quickly get lost in the technical side of things.

Mostly I am hoping just to have all the steps in one place and hopefully in relatively close proximity to each other so that there is not a lot of searching through endless posts trying to find them.

Maybe start with this:
(I learned about my single extruder long time ago, maybe some j1 users can assist you further)