Slate Gamer Coaster Set

Went to test some grayscale on slate and it became a set of popular, recognizable characters. While the dry looks cool (though the enclosure LEDs are bleaching them a little) where they really shine (trolol?) is when in use and catch condensation and become wet.

Dry together:

Samus Wet:

Mega Man Wet:

Link Wet:

Princess Peach Wet:


Use mineral oil and it will keep it darkened and help the engraving to stand out like when it’s wet. Won’t be quite as drastic. May need to re-apply every so often.

You can also spray with polyurethane or acrylic. I don’t really like the way that looks personally. Prefer the more natural look.


One reason I didn’t use any type of oil, I personally like the natural slate. I just have to admit when wet it does make the contrast better. At the same time, I kinda like the “the image gets better when used” feel of these. So they’ll be staying raw. :upside_down_face:

Mineral oil still looks natural.
Just a little darker.