Secure larger items to the bed for CNC


Looking for tips that people are using to secure larger item to the bed for the CNC mill. Just trying to square a cube but all i can do is measure with software because i cant secure the cube to the bed.


Hi @sgtwtf

Best that you provide as much information as possible for forum members to comment on.

Can you provide a photo and dimensions of the object?



its just a 3x3x3 block of wood


Thanks for the update, I hope some of the other forum users will have some ideas for you.

As a newbie I would probably build a surrounding frame that holds the cube laterally and some form of clamping to hold the cube down.

Let us know if you succeed.



I have been using double sided tape 4 strips of icraft easy tear tape held MDF for a full 1 hour CNC carve. I have not tried it on hardwood yet. There is some cleanup of the bed required but a puddy knife makes short work of it.


I have also used the double sided tape method.

In my case I’ve attached a full bed sized 1/4" thick Oak to a an MDF sacrificial board, and also some small piece of 1/2" Maple.

I guess it should work with 3x3x3 too. If the side-load is to much, you could print or use some piece of wood to help supporting


Hi, sorry that I’m not sure I get it. Do you mean that the big material cannot be fixed well onto the platform even using double sided tape method?
Did you try to use blue tape and supper glue together to fix the material without using any fixtures? It is a popular method for fixing the material for CNC carving. Check out this video starting at 1:00