Review: Two Weeks of Testing Snapmaker Original

Snapmaker is one of the first of its kind module 3-in-1 desktop machines that can be turned into either a 3D printer, CNC carver or laser engraver/cutter in minutes. We were a bit skeptical in the beginning, wondering if such transformers were able to perform all these tasks up to a high standard. However, once we saw a cute little Snapmaker at the TCT Show Birmingham, we fell for its charm, and we just had to test it out. Here is what we found after a few weeks of use.

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For what it’s worth, the original doesn’t support WiFi. I have used both the USB cable and the USB drive.

For engraving and CNC, it’s recommended to use the USB drive, not the cable, because micro pauses on the host PC can affect the print quality.

Other than that, I think it’s a pretty accurate and tidy review. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks, clewis for your comment. Good to know. Looks like the Luban software confused me regarding the Wi-Fi as the option exists there. :+1:t2: