Problem with adhesion - RAFT

Hello, after generating the code for 3d printing with the use of raft, I noticed a large jump in height between the raft and the printed element during printing. After a quick code analysis, I found something strange. Namely, the last raft layer is printed on Z0.65 and the first element layer Z1.15. Is it only for me that Luban generates so strangely? I am using Luban 3.5 and the printer OS 1.10.1.
I attach the STL element file and the program g-code.

002_55531002.gcode (121.6 KB)
002.STL (8.5 KB)

its not just you, most of us regulars recommend ditching Luban in favor of better software. for 3d printing i would recommend [Ultimaker] Cura, or Simplify 3D.