Printing from air issue - model

Hi folks - I am still new in the 3D printing arena, so please understand may i am just being an idiot but not on purpose.

i wanted to print a Sonic the hedgehog model for my boy. it printed well until it needed to do the hands. the hands don’t start from the heat bed so the printer tried to start printing the hands in the air.

I would have thought the printer would make a sort of “tower” to reach the height of where the hand should start printing - or perhaps make a bridge from the model at the right height. needless to say it didn’t do that and i had to stop printing.

maybe I am doing something wrong, or is it the model designer not thinking about how the model would print?

please help


You have the option to add towers in your Slicer, this is called support.
There are two ways of support:

  • Support only from buildplate
  • Support everywhere

Making in the slicing software what you like the model to be is your part of 3dprinting. Figuring out why and searching for problems, trail and error, that’s 3d printing :wink:


Second this. And note that taking out support could be time consuming, so you would need to play with the settings to see how you can cut down the time to finish the print.