Print is not quite round

Hello all,

I have printed yesterday a threaded rod with a diameter of 30 mm and today some parts with larger holes (> 20mm). I noticed that the threaded rod is not quite round and also the holes are not really round.

Habr you also had this before?

I have drawn the parts with Fusion 360 and sliced with Luban.


Search can be your friend.

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Basically you really need to dial in your stepping.

Bookmark this you will need it.

I had same issue. Replaced one of the linear motors, and everything was round again. I think I had too much backlash in the rail, was getting worn out.

I had alot of rounds of this, its likely from oen or more of your linear modules being sloppy/loose.

Theres a few threads from awhile back going into detail.

I found one of them, Loose Linear Module w/ Workaround Attempt