Poplar numbers (laser engrave)

I have some numbers that work for me. The best numbers that I can come up for 1 pass in a grayscale with a 1.6w version is
Dwell: 100
Power: 10

However, it should be noted the image needs to be heavily edited. This explains more, and it shows the results. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZybVEiostWw

It should be noted I’ve gotten better images than what is shown in the video. But they are all of personal family pictures. And it is more of getting a feel for how to edit the image, if you should zoom in to keep whatever detail, and so on. But the dwell and power always stayed the same. It also should be noted that depending on the wood itself. I’ve seen it where out of 10 test, 1 I might have to go over more than once. I don’t have a way to finding out if the 1 board you’re messing with will require multiple passes, and I am not sure why. But in the video I cover some tips on this.

Note I submitted a request for the official guide. But I figure if anyone else is trying to figure it out in the time being, and if they have questions. Then they can contact me here directly.

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