Permanent stringing

Hey there,

I need some help!
No matter witch setting i change i always end up with stringing.
I print with a 0.6mm steel nozzle.
What i have tried:

  • printing from 190°C to 135°C
  • change printing speed from 40mm/s to 60mm/s
  • changing the filament.
  • fan on and off

I hope someone can help me, its a little bit frustrating :sweat_smile:

How about enabling the Retraction feature in Snapmaker Luban?

I did activate the retraction, but got the same result.
Maybe it has to do with the cura slicer?
I need to slice the models in cura, because of the 0.6mm nozzle.

Sorry that you are not allowed to change the nozzle size in Snapmaker Luban. You can try to slice the file with Cura.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

I hope this option is coming soon.
I already slice my model in cura, but still the same result with stringing…

Request received.

I will pull this request to our software team.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

You may also want to check that your filament is properly dried.

I calibrated my extrusion and that fixed the problem.

Molding temperature seems to be low.
PLA 200°C - 215°C

Did you have problems before switching to the steel nozzle? If not, was the previous nozzle the same diameter? Steel doesn’t have as good thermal conductivity as brass which means the temperature reported by the thermistor isn’t the actual temperature of the nozzle. But I somehow doubt that’s the problem. Try using a different filament and dry it before use, if problem persists then it eliminates filament as the issue. Do try to use cura regardless since you have a different nozzle diameter.

Is it PLA or PETG? PETG will string unless you nail the temperature and retraction.

Going with @Blockmodule here.
Those are very low temps.
I run 235C for dark PLA and 225 for mid colours then 215-220 for lighter colours.
Bed is always around 65C

Very few issues with contraction or warping here so a few extra degrees will almost certainly be worth trying.

Try to dry your filament, push up the temp and go slower.

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The humidity is also a possible reason.

Here is an article for your reference:


The biggest factor when I get stringing has always been moisture. Try drying your filament in a dehydrator over night. I store my filament in a sealed box now with a Eva-dry E-500.

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You can use a new spool of filament and check if the issue can be resolved.


Thanks for all the advices.
It seemed to be the moisture in the filament. I used a brand new spool and the result was much better. I also dryed the oder spools, also better results.

Great community, thanks :slight_smile: