Orca slicer problems

When I try to save a sliced model in Orca with the provided pre sets, I get the error message " Post processing script does not exist: Users/hliebscher/smfix_bs-darwin-arm64" or words to this effect.

Can some one explain to me in layman’s terms what I need to do to rectify this. I have been on github but don’t know what to download or how to install what is required as I don’t code…G-code is just about my limit. I have tried to follow the instructions but I am totally lost.
Thanks in advance.

is the path you listed the path for your computer and where that file is?
Thats what the issue was for me.

I had the same problem trying to use Orca slicer. By default developer of particular profiles has included post processing scrip to be executed. This is what refers to the file path you refer to. I guess this is about adding thumbnails to the g-code file but not 100% sure. I tried to solve this “the clever way” but failed. So I did it “dummy way” - simply deleted all post processing references and sliced. Yes, there are no thumbnails and other stuff missing on display, looks rather bare, but it slices and prints!

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There is a Cura plugin to add all the SM 2.0 extra to the GCode. Thumbnails, etc. If you’re interested in getting that working in Orca, that’s where I’d start.

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This is what my Profile looks like. it worked for me with adding thumbnails and enabling wifi printing.

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Thanks Guys,
It’s Saturday morning so a fresh start with a fresh head and a cup of tea and hopefully I can get somewhere with it.

@Miles @clewis Thank you for advice and sharing! Unfortunately I already tried that smfix-win64.exe cure but it did not work for me anyway using ORCA slicer - I see thumbnail, but have error like in picture attached. That’s the reason I finally gave up and prepared g-codes without any embellishments. The same g-code sliced without smfix-win64 file is parsed and working. I am using only USB stick for uploading files to local machine memory as have no WiFi coverage at place where my J1 resides.

Still no success. I have set the path for the smfix.exe and still nothing happens. Orca cant seem to find the J1 on my network either…I might go back to cura as this is getting infuriating. 'm not even able to export the gcode to a usb drive.

this is my latest error message.