[Official] Ready to Try for CNC


How do I make something like this? I feel like I’m missing a step?


we are missing the ‘this’


Yes if you could please explain what “this” is. It would make it much easier to figure out what step you are missing


to This or not to This, that would be the question, what maketh the This :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:



“This” refers to the mcpohorton post I responded to; I believe my reply links to it in the upper right?

Mostly I’m just new to the CNC head and have done the 2d dragon but wanted to do something recessed with contours and all that jazz.


Hi @zeveck

My apologies, I was not bright enough to notice that reference. Have a chat to @Leonardo or some of the other users who use the CNC



Why does the CNC tab only let me upload an SVG?

I tried taking this fish model I found…


and turning it into an SVG and then printing that. It appeared like so,

But then the print result was just…

which is nice and all, but not what I was going for. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?


You’d need to use a 3D CAM program like Fusion 360 if you wanted to follow the contours of that model. I think SVG files are more for 2D stuff


The CNC function in Snapmakerjs is just very basic and suitable for beginners to use the CNC module in an easy way (just follow the lines of a vector graphis with steps down - so only for 2D objects).

@atooltoscream already gave the best answer!


I may have missed it, however has anyone created a good tutorial on using the CNC to engrave a 3D image

ps… happy new year to everyone


Oh, so you’re saying we want to do the whole thing through to gcode in Fusion 360 and not using SnapmakerJs at all? Any recommended tutorials? Any concern about settings that the Snapmaker can’t handle?


Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to test the CNC function yet. I’d like to build an enclosure before I start using the CNC module.

Best place to start is probably the user manual for SM CNC. Other than that you might need to just watch general Fusion tutorials on YouTube for setting up CAM, keeping in mind that the SM is just a small hobby machine.


Far from a complete or even a partial tutorial, but ESTLCAM allowed me to get decent initial results.


I was just recently facing similar concerns. I found that the manual at manual.snapmaker.com under the CNC section for making G-code in Fusion 360 was helpful. Snapmaker provides the tool library you can upload to Fusion 360 for their provided bits as well as the G-code configuration file, in the downloads section.

I supplemented this with other videos on youtube, like the CAM video from EvanandKatelyn and for more in depth stuff Lars Christensen (though he teaches more on the 3d modeling aspects of Fusion 360).

It seems like Fusion 360 does a pretty good job of making appropriate steps for toolpath depths once the tool library is uploaded, so I haven’t worried too much about that. I do wish Snapmaker could change tools though.