Number of Screws for the Laser Engraving Platform

The laser engraving platform assembly instructions call for the installation of 8x M4 x 10 Hex socket head screws. However, I noticed the bed rattles a little when I don’t have the addition of 4 corner screws screwed in. Were the instructions just a little out of date? The metal platform has holes for up to 12 screws so I utilized extra screws to bolt the whole platform down to the linear motors.

Thoughts? Also not sure I’m a big fan of the black T silicone plugs but I’ll keep using them.

My first laster print test is in progress and now I get why people are ordering the enclosure. :smile:


You didn’t say which model you have.
On my A350 I use 12 screws to hold down the 4 laser bed plates.

The plugs are awful. Someone on FB redesigned them to print out of TPU, but I lost the thread and never tried printing them. I just use blue tape for almost everything on laser.

Definitely puts off some smell and smoke even with just wood.


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Sorry about that, it’s for an A350. I’ll stick with the 12 screws. Thx