No HTTPS on forum?

I noticed this site doesn’t use HTTPS. No good considering we have to type in credentials for the forum. Please get a cert.

Free, automated, and open Certificate Authority:


Hi Justin:

We will add the https cert once @whimsycwd (David) have time. :smile:

The whole site (include shop, manual, forum and so on.) is developed by David. He is also the developer of snapmakerjs, which is used for laser and CNC, who did a job of three software engineers. We have added https cert on our shop site, once David got time, he will add it~

Thanks for sharing, besides, are you also a software engineer? I’m curious about it.

WOW! David is a busy guy. I feel for him. I set up and maintain the entire IT infrastructure for the company I work for along with working on the other projects that gets thrown my way, so I know what it is like. It’s amazing what tasks end up falling in the “IT Guys” lap lol. Glad to hear that the addition is on your radar. David deserves a long vacation!

I always end up wearing a number of hats at each company I have worked for. I can’t say that I have ever held the official title of software engineer, but I have experience in a number of roles in the IT industry. I have certainly filled some of the roles that a software engineer would but I am not a programmer. I have a couple online programming courses I will be taking here soon as it was something that I didn’t have much luck with in the past but think it will be worth revisiting. I was an assistant manager of a help desk for a number of years, which is where I picked up my troubleshooting and customer service skills. I currently hold the title of Director of IT and Customer Relations for a truck equipment supplier. I recently led a project to improve status reporting back to a specific truck manufacturer. They have to quickly report back to the manufacturer after they have made modifications to vehicles. We developed a database with a basic front end and a mobile app that tied into it for data entry; this was for one of our sister companies (it’s a long story and isn’t very interesting). I am currently working on a similar project for the company I currently work on. I am building the prototype for the program before I get my programmer involved.

I realize that was kind of a long answer… to answer your question about if I am a software engineer, I guess it depends on what day it is. On any given day I might just be pretending to be a software engineer, but I will never claim to be a good one. :sweat_smile:


If you want to truly learn software, I suggest you look into LISP…

In practical terms, ALL software languages were derived and/or created from LISP.

If you want to get to the hardware level, after lisp, look into FORTH, most PC BIOS, and many many NASA, Military, and Medical systems are based on lisp and/or forth…

Yahoo originally was 100% written in lisp, until the microsloppy weanies took over…

Lisp and Forth are “bet your life” software platforms, most others are a joke…


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OK. It seems that you played a role like product manager or project manager, who must know both big plan and small details of a project.

I ever worked as a similar role in a team. It’s excited to learn things from other professional teammates.

The first time I heard of LISP is from the book by Paul Graham. It’s a nice book for programmer. I learn a lot from this book, the most important point is “When you don’t know how to choose, always choose a harder way.

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I’ve owned a couple companies where software ran the show…

Mostly hired the actual coding cause I’m way too slow…

I code “bet your country” software, where bugs kill people…

Otherwise, I cost too much to code…

Most of my actual coding was in machine language, or Forth…

But Lisp principles apply to all software…


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Pascal -> C -> Java -> golang -> nodejs. My path.
People always told me that I should learn functional language if I want to become a serious progrgamer. So I read a book called <The Little Schemer 4th Ed> which it’s a dialect of LISP.
It did blow my mind when I reading it. Change the way of thinking.

Thanks for the advice. I have used for before. Home website need users to enter credit card infos to complete the purchase.

HTTPS really matter, thanks for the advice. Especially when it comes to sensitive infos like credit card, etc.
We did have plan to build account system that integrate forum and homepage( We even seperate login in advacne( But It might take a while for me to handle hight priority task first.

I am working on adding new feature(Vector engraving, etc…) and improving Snapmakerjs accroding to beta feedback.


Hi, @jstncrft . HTTPS is set. But it still has one pitfall which is hard to tackle.
When you load thread, which include a non-https image. We will get mix-content error. FYI.

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Awesome! I can use the forum again! I stopped using it for a while because I got tired of sending my password over the internet. Now that https is in place I should be around more often again.

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