New laser release date?

Does anyone know when we can order the new more powerful laser at discounted price?

So the July release date isnt going to happen that people were suggesting in the chats? Im just asking because life happened to my family and my SN add on fund is now gone due to medical bills and my spouse losing her job in a covid related situation so i’m scrambling to rebuild some savings so i don’t miss out on the 50% discount prices SN2 owners are supposed to get to upgrade as thats the only way i can afford to get these add ons…

It would take a minimum of 3-6 months once they finalize a prototype, before any purchasable module would be available.

Gotcha… any word on the dual extractor module release date?

I don’t think anyone from SM ever implied (let alone said) that laser was coming out anytime before the end of 2022. Not even sure if it’s reached the prototype stage yet.

Dual extractor is listed as in progress with prototype having been created in March but no timeline given.

New linear modules were supposed to be available by now though (promised in early June).
I believe the 50% offer is only on the rail upgrades (possibly quieter power supply). I doubt that they’ll give more than a 10% pre-order discount on the laser upgrade or dual extractor, like they did with rotary module.