Modify a CNC 2.0 Module for Using With Snapmaker 1.0

I want to use a Snapmaker 2.0 CNC Modul with his good old Snapmaker original (1.0).

But unfortunately the CAN Bus connector of the 2.0 module does not fit to the RJ45 socket of my SM 1.

I did not find any existing solution in web. So I created my own.

If you want, watch my instructable: Pimp My Snapmaker Original - Mod No. 1: "Modify CNC 2.0 Module for Using With Snapmaker 1.0" : 4 Steps - Instructables

2.0 Laser and 3D Printing Module, I did not try to convert. Because my 1.6 W Laser is fine an 2.0 uses a cam, the SM Original definitively does not supports. The Extruder Module uses a bed level contact. That will the SM 1 did not support too.

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Nice. I was tempted to CNC when I kickstarted, but cooled on the idea after reading how under powered the original CNC module was. Now I’m tempted again.