Missing parts of infill supports

Need some opinions here, I haven’t seen this discussed before (that I can remember). When printing a fairly large project (full 350 bed with project at an angle to fit bed), I noticed that the infill was occasionally missing some parts (see picts). I thought I was fairly well calibrated (a little stringing) and the fact that it is only on some of the infill, (repeatable on a second slice but at different points) I’m curious to suspected causes. Overall, the job prints nicely and I know there really isn’t a big concern, but I’m curious if it can be improved.
SM2 A350 with Hatchbox PLA, Cura 5.2.1 slicer Fast profile 15% infill at 200C nozzle and 70C bed temp, 60mm/s print speed.

I’ve had that happen occasionally. It’s a bit worse when printing faster, and it usually happens after the head travels. I think because it’s infill, it doesn’t do the same un-retract after travel that it would do for an outer wall. I’m just guessing though. I notice it using both Luban and Cura. It’s only affected infill (for me), and usually manages to bridge over, so I’ve never really worried about it.