Make a Christmas Present for Your Loved Ones with the Snapmaker and Win a Coupon!


Custom engraved leather coasters for the cover artist for my books.


Custom Laser Engraved banner for my son’s TaeKwonDo belt display.


3-d Printed playset walls (modified from 37mm miniatures scenery) for my 9-year old son to play with with his Mega-Blox HALO figures. He asked for a building set for this for Christmas, but didn’t want me to spend the money on the packaged ones, and asked me to make him one just for him. (you can see the reference figure in one of the pictures)


Sci-Fi APC for my 9-year old son to play with his HALO figures. It took a bunch of 3-d prints to get all the details right.


A kodiak Bear skull printed for the skull obsessed friend:

The back of the skull did warp ever so slightly due to the lack of glue stick on a part of the glass bed.

Here’s a couple of timelapses of the Kodiak Bear skull being printed:


Printed a tiny Bowser shell for my nephew

And yet again, another timelapse:


And here’s how I’m doing the timelapse recordings:

I forgot to take a picture of all these printed parts but managed to get a timelapse of another bolt with a higher infill:


Is the phone holder supposed to be a present too??
I must say you are really productive!
Keep having fun and sharing! :star_struck:


@Rainie a present for myself!


A custom disc golf mini disc that I will be gifting to my friend.

I used:


An Image that my Wife had made for me in what ever Adobe program she uses. She is a graphic designer ( She saved it as an .svg for me so I was then able to import it into thingiverse and combine it with the mini disc.



Are you willing to share the print files for the phone holder?


Of course! I have no problem sharing!


Thank you all for sharing your amazing and lovely presents with us! :heart::gift::hugs:
We are glad that the Snapmaker can contribute to your Christmas plan and actually create something in your mind.
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Thank you again for participating in this event. If you have more presents to share, the Snapmaker Showcase category is always there for you. :wink:

Merry Christmas and happy new year!:snowman:



@All Your presents are shared on our Facebook page a few hours ago. The poll is active now and some of the presents are really popular! Congrats!:confetti_ball: You can share this link to your friends to have more votes:


Hi all,

Thank you again for the amazing works! The poll was closed about 12 hours ago. Here are the winners and the prizes! @b2lal @rojaljelly @harmerds @jstncrft @Darren @trevor.kernes Congratulations! :confetti_ball: You can use the coupon to purchase new products in the near future!

Here are the votes for all the presents submitted:

Thank you again! Please continue sharing your works with us when you make some interesting or beautiful creations with the Snapmaker. We are always here to share ideas and works. :blush:

Keep having fun and happy new year!:slightly_smiling_face:



Hi all,

It’s been a long time since this event ended.
Our coupon system on our online store is fully developed. I just sent the promised coupons to you via forum message or to your social media account directly. It’s valid until September 1, 2019. There is no limitation on the order value, but it can’t be used with other coupons.

After you add everything you want in your cart at, enter the code in step 4 of the payment process to use it.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Keep having fun!

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