Luban version 4.9.x Issues/Requests

  1. Provide a physical measurement display option on the X-Y-Z 3D layout.
  2. Provide a way to measure distances on the 3D layout. (Select: point 1, Select: point 2, Display: the distance).
  3. The parameter values structure (logic) needs to be reworked. There are 3 storage classes of parameter values: a) Materials, b) Parameters, c) Display. However parameter class management is insufficient and inconsistent. Json files have to be manually edited, without structural definitions of the json parameters.
  4. If an old print project is opened after parameter changes have been made, there is no way to logically reconcile the differences within the app itself.

This isn’t a place to do this, unfortunately.

If you can include the screenshots or similar functions in other software, so they can better understand, would be amazing.

Note: I opened a support ticket with Snapmaker/Luban.


  1. Parameter Display: (Note the “Custom” list)

    To get filaments in the Parameter Display list, an existing filament is left-click copied.
    How is a filament removed? How are categories (other than “Custom” or “Support”) created, removed, or renamed?

  2. Parameters: Print Settings: Support: Duplicates (Note at the bottom)

    How are duplicate Support “# Support-White” items removed?

  3. Material Settings: (Note at the bottom)

    At the bottom there is an “Other”; I know what it is and want I want to rename it. How is it done?

4, [Complicated, no picture] Modified material parameters made after reopening an old project; managing the differences.
What I think would help, would be to display within Luban both the old stored project material parameter values and the current material values for each difference. That way an informed choice could be made for both the Luban material parameters and the old saved project model parameters. (Note that if a material parameter is removed via a new Luban version, it may not have an existing old parameter.)

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Snapmaker support forwarded the request up to their product team.

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i was short about to damage my machine -.-

4.9.1 has a really big bug with Dual Extruder Module

the Bed Size is incorrect !!!

it should be 310x325x290, but you cannot choose it, or better say Luban is not changing the Bed size after you have choose Dual Extruder

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I have proble with Z Auto leveling mabye becouse of this ?

Thank you

Autolevel is from machine only not Luban.
Create a own thread or reach out to support.

Correct. First do calibration. Autolevel is affected by Firmware only ( except Print Bed )

Start your print after the complete calibration was done

becouse when printing the nozzla is high

i done that many time and i open support ticket with snapmaker team before 10 mabye and still not reslove the ticket still open

Can you please check the proximity sensor on the back side of the dual extruder / or single extruder ?

Which one do you use?

On single extruder you have to set the last point manually ( here its nit possible to 100% auto Z offset. One point schould be done manually with the 0.1mm card)

By the way, this is the wrong thread for your issue. You need to open a new one. Here is issues with Luban.

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i use dual extruder.

i don’t have problem with single extruder

thank you

in my case i have to print something small and adjust -0,3mm to have a good first layer, this setting on the Display will also last for the next prints until you make another auto calibration, than this value is set to 0.0mm again.

so do this manual correction of left and right nozzle in the corresponding menu .

Than this issue is gone so far

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i will try that setting.,

thank you

Just changed nozzle size for the first time for Artisan Dual Extruder. I was surprised when nearly all the advanced options are now unavailable in Luban. All that I can edit is basically, line width, speed, and accell. And the flow modification under the material. This significantly reduces the usefulness of Luban when using a larger nozzle size. Is there anything I am missing that can fix this?

Within Luban, if you select “Settings/Open Config Folder”, then within the file explorer open “Printing/A400_dual/extruder_0.def.json” and try editing the “machine_nozzle_size” to 0.2 (or to what you have). I have not tried this yet, but it may provide what you are looking for.