Luban laser dwell time units

I do not understand the units for laser dwell time.
My Luban 3.8 UI shows Dwell Time as “mm/min” (screenshot attached), and posts on the forum imply that reducing the dwell time should lighten the burned image.
As I see it, as you reduce the “mm/min”, then it should take longer to cover the same area… thus actually increase the time per pixel. Am I missing something?

the “definitive guide for laser cutting and engraving” has dwell time as “ms/dot”.
link here

This seems to be more intuitive as a unit of measuring dwell time (per pixel), but I am not sure what to do about the UI.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


Yeah, it’s been confusing me for a while as well. It seems the correct unit should be ms and not mm/min.

Really should get into the code on github and submit a pull request to address this.

thanks for the vote of support… I will look into Github and see if that “pull request” is something that I can do. (I mean “make the request”, not “fix the code”)

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