Linkage mode noise problem

The cutting noise in linkage mode is too loud, and I believe the tool wears out very quickly.
Can Luban’s cnc program be improved? Maybe it can be processed in two

You have to decrease the step down height from 17,5mm to the half or less.
This would mean the carving takes double or more time.

I carved only a few things so there is not much experience on my side. I carved the last things with 1mm stepdown. At this point you could go for faster workspeed.

I thought that the linkage mode must set the maximum workpiece radius, it seems I have misunderstood.

Chosing the right step down depends on the material too - and you can use it in conjuction with

“plunge speed” (how fast the tool drills downwards into the material when it comes from the outside)

and “work speed” (how fast the tool moves when already inside the material)

to find a good middle ground between speed, accuracy, and tool wear&tear.

There is no comprehensive guide yet on which values are suggested in the two rotary module carving
modes (rotary/linkage), but this might help already to get a feel depending on your material:

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