Lettering too rounded on my 250

After a couple misfires, I was finally able to get the cnc running as it should on my brand new 250A. On this piece, the lettering seems to be “too cut” for my liking - I would like them to be a little crisper.

Actually my question is two-fold: 1) with all of these various project downloads, there are never instructions as to what bit or other settings to use. Even in 3d printing, i can usually figure out settings, but I’m a complete newcomer to the world of cnc. Is there something I could use to have the toolpaths generated automatically after adding the file? Also, 2) is there some type of setting I need to adjust to get the letters sharper? Thanks!

What size and type of tool bit are you using?

The machine can’t tell from the image file what material, tool etc. you are using so it wouldn’t be able to generate toolpaths automatically.

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It was a vcarve bit - I’m thinking it was 60°. That’s sort of my point, though. How do I determine which bit and toolpaths to use, and where to use the toolpaths? I’ve been researching for about 2 weeks, and I couldn’t find a tutorial like that anywhere. I’m really hoping it doesn’t boil down to trying different combinations until I find one I’m happy with.

If you’re using a vcarve bit then the depth of cut will affect how rounded the corners of your letters are, you can’t get a truly square inside corner with any bit but generally the smaller the bit radius at the cutting depth, the closer to square you will get. I can’t recommend a particular tutorial but there are loads out there, you don’t have to find one specifically for Snapmaker to learn the basics of CNC.

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I found one today from a guy named cyberreefguru. He’s not the best at explanations but I have a better idea on the bits now. I think the problem was I used a 45° vcarve from my genmitsu 3018-pro. The one I had from sm sort of broke…don’t ask :smile:. I have other types now, so I’m going to retry it with a flat end 2 flute. I’ll be in touch with the results.

Well, I haven’t made much progress. I probably could have, if i had spent several hundred dollars on buying a pro or premium license for one of the cams. It looks like i have no choice but to delve into fusion to make any headway. Thanks for trying to assist me though! :+1: