Laser timing is wrong for slow move?

My 10W Laser does not cut paper. As you can see in the picture, the wheels are not cut to the end, power 5% and speed 150mm/min.
The reason is the set low power and low speed. The same wheels at 90% power and speed 1800mm/min are all cut well.

What’s wrong with SM, FW - latest, rails, controller?
When I look at the laser movement it shows that the laser is turned off and the circular movement ends at the same time and the laser goes to the next cut. There is neither laser cutting nor further movement in these missing parts of the circle. Laser ON/OFF is precisely synchronized with the circular motion. Which causes the laser and circular motion to end too soon at the set low speed. This premature finishing is random every time I start a cut elsewhere the circles are broken. All the work is cutting a whole row of these circles.

Did you generate the gcode with Luban?
Did you check your gcode with a gcode viewer or in the work area of Luban? - Is the gcode generated well without this holes?

If this is not the case, lightburn is maybe the best choice for lasering (didn’t ever used).