Laser - starts off material

After 3 months, coming back to Snapmaker. First problems totally drained my enthusiasm and I had to step away to avoid smashing it with an axe out of frustration. Doing a little better now - but, once again, manual doesn’t match user interface, manual omits steps, etc. Sigh. Anyway…

Can anyone tell me if a competently written manual exists for Snapmaker 2.0 laser?

I’m trying to get the laser to cut the Laser Cut Gift Box example in the manual. However, after multiple attempts, the laser always starts cutting outside the material. The manual is completely inadequate in helping to figure out the problem. Is there a video somewhere that goes in depth on work origin, etc?

So far, Snapmaker 2.0 is a useless $1200 machine. If I’m expected to troubleshoot every step of the getting started manual, I’d rather just sell it to someone with the patience to deal with bad manuals and software.

@rgmcleod52 wrote up this nice errata to the manual: