Laser Lens Cleaning

has anyone tried cleaning the laser lens ?
How did you do it ?

Hi @phil,
I cleaned the laser once and it seemed to improve my results a bit. I just moistened a cotton swab with some alcohol and rubbed the lens for a few seconds.

I hope this helps!


Alcohol is probably fine but not sure if it has any type of optical coating on it.
Anything you’d use to clean a camera or telescope lens - lens cleaning paper and fluid.
Micro-fiber cloth.
Q-tips are probably ok, but I wouldn’t use them on a camera lens because they can scratch the coating, so I would personally avoid them in this case.

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I have cleaned the lens with an Q-tip and glass-cleaner. So far that was the worst idea I ever had, because the laser result are significantly worse than before. :frowning:

I’m not sure if I scratched the lenses with the Q-tip or if there are simply remnants of the Q-tip on the lens. Afterwards, I tried to remove dust from the lens with compressed air, but unfortunately this didn’t help too.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to disassemble the laser? Opening the housing of the module is not the problem, but I see no way to get to the lens.