Laser Engraving Capability Test

  • Done By one of our users Joseph Lee Rich‎
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    • After several failed attempts; I got my first big laser test photo done.
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  • Done By one of our users Dale Wathen
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    • And it’s finished
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  • Done By one of our users Ricco Busk
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    • Playing with the kids making parking lot for phones :nerd_face:

  • Done By one of our users 張益誠
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    • ALL test pass!
      Laser CNC and FDM is great in snapmaker.
      But somehting can be better if they change.
      1.FDM PLA caliber is bigger than 1.75mm.
      It make sometime the Wire can not be pass to nozzle.
      In these test I use the wire in 1.68mm
      (some wire default this size and write this 1.75mm)
      And also the wire from snapmaker often stuck too.
      2.FDM doesn’t have any function about send wire.
      This mean you can not check wire is stuck beforce you open.In other product you can got this function(send 1,5,10mm with wire)
      3.Laser’s default power don’t need over 70%.
      Maybe software can set the defult power like 30% or 25%.
      It’s can save the wood when user test lol.
      I just try this on wood PLA and the wood.
      It has a great work.
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  • Done By one of our users ‎Keyser Sözé
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    • Snapmaker Episode 2, laser gravage test.
      Fast-track software with video tutorial on the 3 D counter.
      The results are impressive.
      First test, first gravage in about 30 min.
      Next test CNC…
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