Laser Cutting Sintra


Has anyone Laser Cut Sintra. I see mixed messages online.

I have not, but I just ordered some samples from to try out. Will let you knowÔÇŽ

  • SINTRA┬« Color Chain [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 1mm Bright White [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 2mm Bright White [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 3mm Bright White [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 3mm Black [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 3mm Gray [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 3mm Light Gray [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 3mm Dark Red [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 3mm Dark Green [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 3mm Bright Yellow [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 6mm Bright White [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 6mm Dark Blue [1]
  • SINTRA┬« 10mm Bright White (5" x 7") [1]
  • SINTRA┬« Eclipse (3mm) - 5" x 7" [1]
  • SINTRA┬« Vers 3mm Bright White [1]
  • SINTRA┬« Vers 6mm Black [1]
  • SINTRA┬« Construct 6MM White [1]
  • SINTRA┬« Construct 12.7MM Black [1]
  • SINTRA┬« Construct 19MM White 5" x 7" [1]

They sent me these for free but I already have some ideas for thisÔÇŽ

For the 6mm you might want to use the CNC Module. Not sure what either Material removal ways will leave as a finish though.

If itÔÇÖs pvc, which it appears to be, you donÔÇÖt want to be using a laser on it.
It emits hydrogen chloride gas when laser cut.
CNC should be fine as long as you keep your work speeds up so it doesnÔÇÖt get too hot.


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From the SDS:

Special firefighting procedure: Toxic gases may form upon combustion. Respiratory protection is recommended.

Unusual fire and explosion hazards:
PVC will burn in the presence of supported combustion
and will emit hydrogen chloride gas, benzene, water, carbon dioxide and smoke.


In general, well ventilated room and optimaly high volume Air evacuation when lasering. Did seme Bark Glass coasters, damn that headache after wards (it was a realy dumb idea to not open the windows atleast)

I have the enclosure and 50 feet of venting to route the fumes outside but this still gives me pause because the enclosure is not perfect and the fan they provided is weak; meaning to beef up the fan anyway. I could smell the fumes from the Laser on plywood.

I stopped using ABS for 3D printing since that was causing issues.

Good looking out.

If the Venting is to far, get a HEPA and a activated Charcoal/Carbon filter to get rid of the most Problematic stuff? Not sure if either of them are happy/ capable of dealing with Chlorin gas though.


Let me know how it works out