Junky heatend wires?


Excuse my foul crabby attitude

What is the deal with the two wires twisted together and shoved in this hole haphazardly?

My heatend finally decided to leak all over the place and went to take it out and it ripped out…

I think my teflon melted too in there, i pulled out a weird fuckin glob of an offwhite.

Then I picked up my spare and it fell out of the spare too…

Not in a good mood now.

One lightly used headend left, which if breaks i am going to be displeased.

It’s not broken, just stick the thermistor back in the hole. If you have some thermal paste that’s electrically insulating stick that in there too, it’ll act a bit like a glue and help a bit with minimizing temperature gradients between the heat block and thermistor.

Teflon melts at like 330C and isn’t in direct contact with the heat block, so unless you had a thermal runaway event that seems unlikely. Possible though. Could be old filament too.

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Thank you Brent, that makes me feel better.

I suppose it could be filament, but it feels like plumber tape to me and kind of came out like a ribbon almost

Should I get arctic silver or do you have a certain brand you feel is best suited?

Maybe I missed it, where did it come out of? The space between the nozzle and heat break? Or from the outside?

Teflon at high temperature gives you cancer (slowly) - don’t breathe it if it really is melted.

Arctic silver hardens and gets brittle at this temp, I got one by Slice Engineering that is boron nitride based. Either on Amazon, or from Matter Hackers, or directly from Slice. It’s around $10. I also put some of that paste around the heater cartridge, can’t hurt.

It came out of the beatbreak after the nozzle was removed, i had actually thought a few days ago i had it come out when i had a BLOB come out of it (after that bad nylon filament i fed thru it) because there was some clear on it along with some misc remnants of other colors, but as i pulled on the filament to get it out, what i believe to be teflon stretched as i pulled.

boron nitride paste by slice engineering it is then

If you look in the top of the heat break the PTFE tube should be there - if you’re feeling adventurous you could pull the tube out with a pick and see if it’s still in one piece. Might require unthreading the heat break, not sure.

There’s nothing particularly special about that tube, it can be replaced. It’s a wear item on every other printer that doesn’t sell complete hotend assemblies from the factory. https://help.prusa3d.com/en/guide/how-to-replace-a-hotend-ptfe-tube-mini_119449
75 cents for this company’s, no idea what the Snapmaker dimensions are: https://shop.prusa3d.com/en/mk3mk3s/929-hotend-ptfe-tube-mk25s-mk3s-mmu2s.html

But I know a guy, and if you get dimensions he can get make you the exact correct replacement.

Yeah I had seen to get a 3mm od 2mm id teflon tube someplace on the forum, i may persue that.

I was swapping nozzles around without remoivng the hotend because i didnt want to break those wires and just snugged the nozzle on, and after a few times the heatbreak decided to loosen up so it was goo city when i got home.

I think the fact iwas trying a .2 nozzle because my print had such fine details that simplify3d wouldnt print the lines at all, probably gave some extra pressure to help blow it out

It was a neat experience I guess, outside of the rage that consumed me when i thought i broke it.