Join the Snapmaker CNC Challenge and Carve Your Love!

Hey Snapmaker owners!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and we’ve got a challenge for you guys! :partying_face:Join The CNC Challenge and turn your creativity into fantastic prizes! Carve a unique gift for your valentine using the Snapmaker CNC function - think personalized jewelry boxes, unique decorative items, or anything your heart desires! :couple_with_heart::sparkles:

Join here: The CNC Challenge

  • :video_camera: Create a video showcasing the complete CNC process on your Snapmaker.

  • :art: Highlight the design, thought, and the final result.

Prizes: Snapmaker’s Pick*3 (Choose One):

  • 40W Laser Module

  • 200W CNC Module Bundle

  • Rotary Module

  • Air Purifier


Challenge Dates:

:alarm_clock:January 30th to February 29th, 2024

Ready to carve your love and win big? Grab your Snapmaker, hit that CNC button, and let the creativity flow! :gift::sparkles: