Installing Luban

Hi guys! We just bought a Snapmaker A350. I’ve downloaded the 64bit Luban (my computer runs on 64, so I guess it’s the right software :slight_smile: software from this site, but I have difficulties while installing. Right after it’s getting installed, I get the error message: setup was not completed succesfully.", then installation just stops. Actually nothing happens, the green line of installation stands. I’ve turned off all the virus protection. Iam not an expert with computers :confused: Can anybody help me? Thank you in advance!

Hi Mike, welcome to the forum!
There have been several posts lately about Luban bugs, for more help you’ll need to post the version.
It appears that 3.10.2 may have fixed some bugs, you might also try 3.9

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Thank you Jesi! I’ve tried all actually:/Probably it’s something with my computer. I also tried when the firewall was deactivated, but nothing changed.

I can’t find if this installer leaves logs, so this is just a random guess. Do you need to run it as Administrator? If you go into ‘Add or Remove Programs’ and remove any existing copies of Snapmaker Luban, does it do anything different?

Hi Brent! Doesn’t matter how I run, I mean all I want is to make it work:) There were no copies when I’ve tried to install, I took care of that.