Installing Luban on raspberrypi4

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Has anyone had any luck installing Luban on a raspberry pi? I’ve tried downloading all the versions off the SM website, but installing them is another issue.

The amd64.deb and the x86_64.rpm give me errors; probably because I’m running a 32-bit version (my best guess) and the x64.tar.gz doesn’t seem to have any install files that I can locate.

I’m running a raspberry pi 4 with 8GB of RAM and the raspberry pi OS (32-bit) a port of Debian Bullseye with the Raspberry Pi Desktop.

Any help would be appreciated.

amd64 version run on Intel or AMD processor.
Raspberry is equipped with an ARM processor (like the smartphones), so you need a special compilation of the code.
I do not know if that is existing presently.

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If you plan to use it purely to control the snapmaker, Octoprint would be a better option. You can prepare files on your other PCs and send it wirelessly to the Pi and run through octoprint. If you’re wanting it for slicing and other things, Luban is a bit bloated for the Pi specs to begin with, and like @danucc mentioned, there’s no ARM version currently.

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Great. Thanks for the explanations.