I need your help about Bamboo Engraving

Hello everyone,

I’m a new member using Snapmaker 2.0. My machine arrived yesterday and I was so interested in!
However, I’m having problem to make a properly laser engraving on bamboo material.

This is my vector design

and below is my engraving result
(sorry i have to separate as new account only able to post 1 media per post)

The eyes of princess are totally black and look scary unfortunately :frowning:

I’m really looking forward for your support to help me setup my laser to get a better result.


I assume you’re exporting as svg. There are a lot of weird things that sometimes happen with them. Some Luban’s fault but not all. There’s a lot of variation in how they save depending on what program you’re using. If you’re not cutting then export as png and use that.
Much easier to deal with and you can either choose to use vector or b&w. I personally prefer the paths created in vector mode. Make sure you turn on ‘fill’.