I need the original Snapmaker software

I can’t open my files with Luban so I need the original program. Is it available somewhere?

The configuration panel of the Luban software doesn’t have the Relief, Vector, Text options so I can choose the file to import.

All of the software versions are linked here:


I don’t want the Luban software. I want the original SnapmakerLS software. The Luban program fails to parse my SVG files for lasering and CNC cutting. The old program did not have this issue.

I don’t have a link but if you’re searching for it, it was call SnapmakerJs.

Ah, JS not LS. That could be my problem.

The link was also on that page:


As it turns out the issue is with my Updated CAD software. I can save as an SVG with TurboCAD then open it with Inkscape, save it as an SVG, and then Luban will open it. I have a support ticket open with TurboCAD to hopefully solve the issue.

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It may not be an issue with TurboCAD. It may still be a problem with Luban.
I have had to use the Inkscape method with a couple programs, neither of which were TurboCAD. There may also be settings in my programs (and Turbocad) that I haven’t selected properly. I haven’t investigated further since the time it takes to use Inkscape on occasion was less for me than trying to figure out if there was a fix.
Let us know if TurboCAD does have a solution.