I made a camel thing

  • 4 layers
  • Designed in Corel Draw
  • Extruded and exported to gcode from Fusion 360
  • Cut with a .5mm flat end mill to allow for the detail
    Slowly, over many hours
    5 broken bits
    Could not get the laser to cut, consistently and it didn’t seem that it would be much faster, anyway
  • Camel is cut from 1/8th inch basswood ply
  • The backboard and frame are made from my old birch flooring
  • With the frame, it’s 13.75 inches square



Thank you for sharing this impressive work.

Given that 5 bits were broken during the work, could you please tell me the work speed?


Here is an article for your reference:

A tip:

When cutting out a part with a CNC cutter, you can leave a small part as an extra clamping tool to prevent the tool from hitting the model near the end of the work, which causes the CNC bits to be broken.

I tested anywhere from 150 to about 225 mm/min. I don’t think it was the speed that was the issue. I was using a half millimeter diameter bit. Very fragile, to begin with. Then cutting out some detailed bits that were too small to accommodate tabs… I spent a lot of time watching the cut and clearing the bits of wood that were cut out. But I couldn’t watch the whole time, and I think the bits broke because of the cutouts snagging the bit. I tried using repositionable adhesive under the board, but the smaller cutouts just didn’t stick.