How to achieve smooth top surface

I’m trying to print some plaques with our company logo on them, but I can’t get the surface to be smooth and flat. It has diagonal patterns from the nozzle fill, is there any way with the settings to get this to smooth out?

Is it perhaps an issue with the design file?

Switch to a slicer like Cura and enable “ironing”.

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Also make sure you’ve calibrated your extruder.
You can see if increasing your flow rate helps.

You may find that you need to do some light sanding to completely remove the lines.

If you can’t acheive satisfactory results any other way, switch to a polishable filament like ABS or PVB (although that goes beyond just tweaking the settings).

Changing the top pattern in Cura would also help with this. Try the concentric pattern.

Thank you all for the suggestions! I downloaded Cura and am playing with the settings now. Will post photos of the next print and see if we got it smoothed out at all.

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