Help Wanted - Artisan Rotary Laser Dwell Time

I think all the machines have the same rotational “speed limit”, but I think the Artisan may be smarter to reject the higher speeds set in Luban when exporting the G-code. I am positive this was designed to keep the motor in the rotary module from turning beyond it’s capability. However, I know on my A350T I can make it run faster, and I haven’t noticed skipped steps. That might be a question for Snapmaker support, as I don’t know if the speed is firmware limited on the Artisan or the AT series. I just have to assume from experience.

Thanks for the help. I’ve found a work around. Changing to vertical line means the rotational speed doesn’t matter and now I can pump it up much faster. Fantastic results on wood at 3000mm/m at 50% power