Guide: Easier Titanium Coverage for Tile

It’s well known about doing titanium dioxide… which is white… on white tile. So coverage can be a little finnicky to get right. However, you can just add a little bit of food colouring and viola, you can doublecheck your coverage.

8 ounces 91% IPA + 3 tablespoons titanium dioxide powder, and food colouring to taste

Shaky shaky… it’s pepto :frowning: shoulda went with green.

Coat the tile, the colour lets you see if you missed any spots.

Take ~30 seconds infront of a fan to dry it, ignoring the touch mark.

Toss it on the machine and run it! Snapmaker A350 with 10W laser, 300DPI, 2000mm/m, 60% power, stucki.

Finally give it a wash and all the dye is gone! (ignore the darker part at the bottom, windows decided it was a good time to reboot for updates in the middle of the engrave, so I loaded it onto the USB drive and restarted it)

There you go. An easier way to ensure full coverage on your tile.


Such a simple solution that’s been staring us in the face all this time. Brilliant!!

Thank you so much!!