Guide: Easier Titanium Coverage for Tile

It’s well known about doing titanium dioxide… which is white… on white tile. So coverage can be a little finnicky to get right. However, you can just add a little bit of food colouring and viola, you can doublecheck your coverage.

8 ounces 91% IPA + 3 tablespoons titanium dioxide powder, and food colouring to taste

Shaky shaky… it’s pepto :frowning: shoulda went with green.

Coat the tile, the colour lets you see if you missed any spots.

Take ~30 seconds infront of a fan to dry it, ignoring the touch mark.

Toss it on the machine and run it! Snapmaker A350 with 10W laser, 300DPI, 2000mm/m, 60% power, stucki.

Finally give it a wash and all the dye is gone! (ignore the darker part at the bottom, windows decided it was a good time to reboot for updates in the middle of the engrave, so I loaded it onto the USB drive and restarted it)

There you go. An easier way to ensure full coverage on your tile.


Such a simple solution that’s been staring us in the face all this time. Brilliant!!

Thank you so much!!

What I really want to know is, how did you restart and get perfect overlap??? (I’m assuming the ‘darker bottom part’ mentioned was done twice).

For me, re-finding a perfect work zero for lasering is impossible unless my design includes some very obvious tiny geometry mark (fiducial square or something) at exactly (0,0) so when I run extents I can do my best to start over at that same point. Or do you use some sort of outline guide on your plate so your workpiece is always in the same place relative to ‘absolute’ machine X,Y coordinates?

I’ve had a repeatable laser origin guide for awhile now found here;

Though it’s a bit dated and is a bit easier using the box method with some additional info here;

To realign, all I have to do is plunk it in the corner everytime.


Is this powder or liquid food colouring?

Liquid food colouring.


Interesting I have tried red liquid food colouring before seeing this post and my bottle shows the separation that you have but is clear. Perhaps my colouring gets diluted by the IPA. Was there a specific make that you used.

It was a generic store brand food colouring. Make sure to continuously shake as you spray.

That is a great hack. Saving this post for future playing. Thanks @Skreelink !