Grayscale image won't convert to GCode

I have an image that I made in grayscale and inverted in Photoshop. It loads into the CNC section just fine, I then go to the process section, get all the settings ready to go but it won’t generate the Gcode unless I click Preview. When I do that the whole image goes black. If I do generate the GCode it has a few lines perhaps, but is mostly a black box.
What am I doing wrong?
It would be great if the folks that do the how-to’s (which are great) would do some on the software side of things.
Thank you!

Which version of Luban are you using?
In 3.12 and earlier its showing the tool path which since it’s doing the whole thing just looks black.
3.13.0 has improved this feature and now shows tool path as well as a simulation.

You can try using camotics or to check the gcode. It’s a good idea to do this anyway, especially when you’re first starting out.

I you want to share your photo and the g-code you generated we can help check it.
May have to use something like Dropbox as you’re a new member and you probably can’t upload to forums yet.


Thank you for the quick reply! I am using Luban 3.12.3, which is the only version I see on the website for a Mac. Is the 3.13 somewhere else?
The image I was using is linked here.

Thank you,

Technically it’s pre-release:

But I’ve been using it and it seems pretty stable. No worse than any of the other versions. One bug I’ve found is you can’t change aspect when resizing. The lock doesn’t unlock.