G-code for Resetting and Enclosures

You can use G-code to reset the machine.

M502 Reset
M500 Save default settings

M206 X-19 Y-10 Z0 Set Linear module offset
M500 Save settings

  • Disable /Enable chamber door event

S0: disable door event
S1: enable door event
S2: release hold of UART for receiving other PC gcodes
S3: set light power, P 0-100%, eg.M1010 S3 P100
S4: set fan power, P 0-100%, eg.M1010 S4 P100

To use this, the head must be sitting in the home position correct?

No, any location. All it does is it tells the controller the home position is 19mm off the side of the bed in X, and 10 in Y, essentially a permanent version of a coordinate offset similar to G92.

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Bingo!! :grinning: Thank you for your explanation.


So what does this actually change?
The physical location for home is always going to be the same because it’s using the limit switches.
So would this be used to fix the problem when you tell it to print at 0,0 and it’s not centered on the bed?

Exactly, that’s all it does. Or, more specifically, machine 0,0 is the corner, but it would make the corner line up where you want, probably near the 0,0 mark on the removable print bed