Firmware proposal

1.) A screensaver for the control panel, as long as the prints run partially burns the standard image. A screensaver button or option would be advantageous.

2.) A function to change the tool, a button or function to move the axes and the tool head to the center (or freely selectable) of the Z and Y axis. To do this every time by hand is a bit cumbersome.

3.) An always visible light button for the housing light. If e.g. an error occurs e.g. filament empty or similar is no possibility to call the housing menu to turn on the light.
An always visible button that is always displayed above the screen would be great.

4.) Make the housing light intensity adjustable via a slider.

5.) Make the housing fan speed adjustable with a slider.



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Some good suggenstions.
Points 4 and 5 may not be possible without an hardware change.

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Touchscreen standby mode so it can’t interrupt my Rpi running Octoprint/CNCjs & Cura


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is now also already possible. :wink:

M1010 S3 P255 ; LED’s On at 100%
M1010 S3 P192 ; LED’s On at 75%
M1010 S3 P128 ; LED’s On at 50%
M1010 S3 P64 ; LED’s On at 25%
M1010 S3 P0 ; LED’s OFF

M1010 S4 P255 ; Enclosure Fan 100%
M1010 S4 P192 ; Enclosure Fan 75%
M1010 S4 P128 ; Enclosure Fan 50%
M1010 S4 P64 ; Enclosure Fan 25%
M1010 S4 P0 ; Enclosure Fan OFF

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File these with the github repository. Nobody from Snapmaker actually reads the forums anymore.

Try running M2001 S0 and M2001 S1. It’s not so much standby but more turning the screen off and on again, but it should stop it from interfering with your Pi.

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Then I totaly not understand why they have no option for that in the front end.

The values ​​are different, it was mentioned in THIS post.

Also @Ronin will use P values> 100 to change RGB colors in its DIY controller.
But the idea of ​​sliders on the LCD is very cool. :+1:

Where please
A link please where I can post.

You linked the github repository yourself. and click on “New Issue”. You’ll need a github account.

Nice, adding these to my octoprint start and stop gcode code. Will prevent some involuntarily actions I’ve had in the past by naively using the touch screen

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Make the fan blade speed dependant on the temperature of the enclosure.

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instead of 3 in gcode, add a physical switch to turn on/off lights or fan. A hardware hack.