Feature request: change Z-offset during CNC job


I have an Artisan. I’m still learning how to do things with this machine. It’s my first 3d print/cnc machine.

I am doing a CNC project. Almost halfway the job I noticed the bit was not long enough to complete the 23mm depth of the job. So I had to stop the job and start again.
I’m still learning so this wasn’t the first time I had to restart it.

I think it would be nice if, when pausing the job, the Z-offset could be adjusted to ‘work origin height’ and the job could resume. Or at least the X,Y work origin could be saved so that would it can resume the job with the same coordinates.

This would be useful when, in my case, I had to change the length of the bit. But could also be useful when doing multiple layers of wood and you’d like to remove one layer when that’s done.

Curious the hear what you think.

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