Excessive Noise

Sorry for the late reply. Here is Edwin from Snapmaker Team.

As for the noise, we do think that it is from the Y-axes.

Please dismantle the print sheet and platform from the Y axes.

Control the linear module via the touchscreen and check if the noise remains.

Please connect the machine with a computer with the provided USB cable and open the console Snapmaker Luban.

Enter the command “G0 F3000 Y100”, which commands the Y-axes to move 100mm.

Please check if the noise continues and send me a video of it.

Enter the command “G0 F415 Y100” to test for low-frequency resonances.

JKC20, thanks. I have made some improvements in the noise by taking apart the extruder and reassembling. I am not sure what I changed but it is quieter now. However, I am still having some excessive noise issues. I’ve looked at the related posts on this thread and my noise is still much louder than the videos theat SM has posted as normal.

Can you point me to specific modifications that you are refering to so that I do not need to search and evaluate each modificaiton on my own?

Can SM post a guide to deal with noise issues on their brand new printers? The short guide already posted is no sufficient, compprehensive and the instructions and pictures are poor.



When I listened to the video, it sounded like it was a resonance with the print speed.
You could try some experiments with printing at different speeds and see if there are
certain speeds that you might want to avoid.

I also have the same issue with noise when printing circular motion. It sounds as if there’s “fine sand shaking violently” in the print head or X axis module. I put my machine in an enclosure with padded sponge, so not really an issue for me. Just concern for the life span of my A250 if indeed there’s something wrong with it.

Do the same steps to test the two different speeds.

Please connect the machine with a computer with the provided USB cable and open the console Snapmaker Luban.

Enter the command “G0 F3000 Y100”, which commands the Y-axes to move 100mm.

Please check if the noise continues and send me a video of it.

Enter the command “G0 F415 Y100” to test for low-frequency resonances.

Sorry this took so long… my video software is acting up, and keeps crashing.

I have gone through all the trouble-shooting steps that you mentioned
in the below email, and that were also found here:

The linked video contains nearly all the steps. I didn’t video the
assessment of wobble on the platforms, but I did assess them, and they
felt secure. I also didn’t video myself tightening all the screws –
but believe me, I did, and I have done so numerous times now trying to
fix this problem. They are secure.

The main findings from this endeavor revolve around the linear module
I’m calling #2. It has a “domed” platform, it is subtle, probably
high in the middle by about 1 - 1.5mm. You have to look closely on
the video to see it. I didn’t have another flashlight (I was using my
phone), but you can see it if you are paying attention.

Linear module #2 is also notably louder than #1 when operating at
F415. The more assembled the snapmaker gets, the louder it gets… I
think this is because of the bad linear module #2, and it its fighting
with #1. The other thing to note here is that the noise gets worse, as
Y moves toward home (bed moves away from me).

Based on this exercise, I’m thinking I have at least one bad linear
module (you can see the ‘x’ marked on it on the video).

Please watch (and more importantly, listen) to the linked video. I
think it makes it pretty clear. As loud as this gets, and as much
vibration as it has it gets, it is at least 2-3x louder when actually
printing. My SM2 is UNUSABLE right now. It is just so insanely loud,
I cannot run it. Please help.

Thank you.

Quoting Dengpengliu7 via Snapmaker where creation happens

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Have you sent it to also to support@snapmaker.com?

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Thanks. I will.

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First, I want to say this is a great video and very explicit, which clearly shows that excessive noise is caused by mechanical resonance caused by low-speed motion. To avoid this, it is recommended to increase the working speed. I will ask our engineer about the finest range of the working speed and post here.

@moonglum Thank you for time and I will offer the solution for you later. Thumb up to your great video.

That sounds about as loud as mine :frowning: When it arrived I was disappointed at the noise levels as one of the main issues with the V1 was nose but I figured bigger stronger motors more noise but now I am worried. I guess there goes my Saturday having to troubleshoot this.


Mine appears to have been a bad linear module. It has been quite a sojourn getting a replacement, even though Edwin was awesome about it. The delays were mostly logistical issues… but anyway, I’m testing it even as I write this, and so far, it is sounding much improved. So don’t despair: Document the heck, out of the problem (like my video above), and get with support. They want you to have a good product… if you do your due diligence and demonstrate the issue, they will help.

That being said, realize that the snapmaker is far from silent (original and 2.0). Even when just idling it is loud. I’m not sure why they are OK with this… it seems noise is just not much of a consideration for them. Maybe they think everyone has a workshop or something detached from the home… I sure don’t. But now that it seems like it is working properly, I can say that if I shut door, it operates at a dull roar, and I can sleep through it now – and I don’t hear it when on the other side of the house. With the bad module, it felt like it shook the neighborhood, and there was no escape! It was harrowing to hear. Your problem may different than mine… but that will be ascertained by going through the steps.

Again, work with their support. They are good people. Do your best to supply them with constructive evidence. I’m confident they will help.


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If you look at their road map, quieting noise from the power supply and the linear modules is on there. Hopefully they have a trade in or relatively cheap diy fix on this.

Hello All,

I started this thread some time ago and my machine has sat idle because of the noise issue ever since. I have been following the conversations here, thanks. I now have some time to devote to this and I want to go through the steps in the link given in this thread but this link is no longer working. Can anyone send me in the right direction? Here is the link I am trying to follow.


I reviewed this link several months ago. Is there any better guide or link that I should check out to troubleshoot the noise.



Unfortunately the SM-team works on the faq, so your link is missing and unavailable.

In that case, can SM provide a troubleshooting guide for excessive noise like shown by moonglum so everyone that has an unusable machine can troubleshoot in a way that will not voide the waranty and support@snapmaker the correct information.

My machine is not usable in its delivered condition.

I am not from Snapmaker.- email them and they will help.
@Edwin @JKC20

Don’t know what mean here Chris… it is six posts above the post you are referencing. It is still there.

I’m advising him to document it, and submit it to support.

I just quoted that he reads it again @moonglum

Ooh… gotcha :wink: