E-steps on original snapmaker?

Has anyone calibrated the e-steps on the original snap maker? I’ve been reading the issues about SM 2.0 and e-steps, but I’ve never seen anything about it on SM1.

My prints usually come out OK, and I tried manually running 100mm of filament through using the command line, but it wasn’t consistent (running at feed speed of F100 gave 91mm extruded, F200 88mm and F300 71mm!)

I usually get good prints, and I know the saying “if it 'aint broken, don’t fix it”, but hey, I’m an engineer and like fiddling with stuff.

I had calibrated my Original from 92,6 to 100.

That seems to be about what my calibration would be. I’ll run a couple more tests to get an average.

Did you notice any difference in the prints?

Not really, but havent my original any more…

I attempted the process. I ran the 10cm extrusion test several times with the default value, and I never got the same result twice. I was able to change and save the Estep value. But since I couldn’t get a consistent measurement, and I was happy with my print results using the default, I just put everything back to how I found it.

I’m still confused about how I managed to get consistently good prints, but I couldn’t consistently extrude 10cm of filament. I’m using a Hatchbox filament, and it doesn’t feel inconsistent when I run it through my fingers. My prints don’t show any evidence of the filament being wet.

I’m assuming it’s user error, even though I hope I’m not too stupid to use a ruler.

The other suggestions were spot on though. For me, the two best things were dialing in the first layer thickness and printing a temp tower every time I change the filament.

@clewis that matches my experience, I’ve had my SM1 since midway through the kickstarter deliveries, and once I got initial set up done I’ve had good prints out of it, without calibrating e-steps.

The E100 command isn’t consistent for me either, but my prints are good so I guess I’ll leave it alone.
First layer and temperature for each filament type were key for me as well.

I was just curious if anyone had done it on SM1 and if it had made a difference.