Difference between my original platform and new platform

so i ordered the new build platform (what some call the bed frame) the one with the new square edges
i did some before and after, thought they would interest some folks.

note i don’t discount that the remaining deformation may be coming from the heating element/board… (aka that back right - i will try and verify with a straight edge at some point)

these are all 5x5 calibration hot

Nice Job with the data. Looks like the new platform took only .1mm off the tilt compared to the old, and the PEI plate knocked another .1 off?

The new plate looks much flatter, which is great. Tilt is less important than flatness.

You reckon it’d be worth attempting to shim to remove tilt? Or not worth it for how you use it?

Also, I’m impressed with your instrumentation to 0.01um haha.

lol that’s what the M420 V spits out - so blame snapmaker :wink: but yeah seriously funny the catmull mesh goes to that many decimals, i have no idea why they chose that many places?

thanks, seems so, tbh was hoping (unreasonably maybe) for it to be even flatter, but i wasn’t expecting it - so all good.

its certainly much less varied than the before as this is more of a slope than curve

i’ll do glass later this week / weekend and update the OP
crap, i cant help myself in my sunk cost fallacy… i ordered second heated bed to see if that’s contributing or not…

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Might as well see this all the way through: McMaster-Carr. JK


@brent113 it’s sad that I have a bunch of those, but not for 3D printers lol.

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and here is my ubiquitous test print i love

best yet

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@scyto wow that’s really good!

Looks like mine, best 39 bucks ever :D.

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