Cura better than Luban

Any good tutorial for installing Cura. All is appreciated.

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Did you check this out:

Install like any other software, right?
There is a plugin for sending to the printer, but I couldn’t get it to work, so I have been saving Gcode from Cura and using Luban to send it to the printer :wink:


If you’re on FB, there is a really good guide:

How to setup Cura for Snapmaker (473.5 KB)


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Much appreciated for sharing this document @sdj544

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Snapmaker Luban needs some improvements on slicing and modelling, and our software engineers are working on this.

Code base:

You guys can pull requests or submit issues there.

I have been using the plugin.

I assigned the printer a static IP in my wireless router, and added an entry for that IP in the plugin settings.

It is still hit-or-miss, but that seems to be due to the rather flaky wireless in the Snapmaker touchscreen than in the plugin. I have found that it works reliably if I start the Cura transfer while the touchscreen is on the wireless settings page (so I can confirm the connection).

If you are using the Snapmaker with Octoprint and Cura, this is worth a look:

My SnapMaker 2.0 A350 Setup & Workflow – Chapmaker