Create PCB with CNC

Hi all,
I use the Snapmaker 2.0 A350 from almost 2 year, but it’s the first time that I used it to create a PCB.

To make it I used:

  • Kicad for the board and to generate the gerber file.
  • Faltcam to tranfortm the gerber to gcode.

The gcode loaded inside the Luban rised up an advise, but everiting was working fine.


  • The tracks was set to 0,3 mm (V tool 0,1mm 20°),
  • For the holes I set 0,8 and for the isolation 1mm ( 0,8mm fluted tool for bot holes and insulation).
  • For cut the board I user a fluted tool 2,5 mm

Here you can see the results:


The tracks look huge in first image, did they get over-milled when doing the isolation? Also what are you going to do to prevent corrosion, I’m tempted to do a pcb myself, but thinking pcbway/jlcpcb offers instead…

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you are absolutely right… sorry, wrong image
The first one was the first try with track set to 1 mm.(removed)
I will cover the copper with some type of
pcb insulating varnish/resin

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Can spray flux be used to protect copper from oxidizing?

Yes, spray flux can be used, but i think that will be only a temporary solution. For the long term you should use varnish or resin.

Hmmm… I’ve considered doing this a few times and haven’t jumped in. Seeing this, I’m thinking I have the tools I need and I should give it a try. Thank you for sharing.

BTW: What does your board do?

Hi, I’m happy to help you! it is an Arduino based board with headers for an esp8266 and a 6 relay board. It was the basic project. Now I am also integrating the transformers for powering the relays, the Arduino and 6 valves. The card will drive 6 solenoid valves serving the garden irrigation system and will be controlled by home automation via the wifi.

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It’s all about the agri-tech :star_struck: Got a project link / github account?

I’ve got some relays I should make a pcb for, stuck a couple on proto-board. I ended up wanting optoisolation etc and the cost after one DIY project made me get some prebuilt relay modules, isolated 10A, and super cheap (5pcs x 4relay £13.99 1day shipping or cheaper on aliexpress - i have 2x 4x and 8x for different needs/sizes).
:face_in_clouds: My only wish is they were i2c with QWIIC / Stemma-QT connectors as thats my new favourite for speed and reliability (daisy chain sensor modules when prototyping, optionally leave permanently or solder / spin up a board).

The ESP range is crazy too, the new esp32-s3 on the lilygo T-Display-S3 has a truckload of flash/ram and nice display for £18 (15 right now on aliexpress).