CNC Routing - not level

Just getting going w my Snapmaker, and something is amiss with the calibration of my machine. The corner of the board that I am routing is rubbed off by the bit after multiple passes (clearly seen where the stain is missing).

This has happened on multiple boards, and re-tightening all of the screws did not fix. Any thoughts on what the problem/solution might be? Thanks in advance

Not quite sure what your program is doing to do that, mind uploading it? However for general checks, double check your assembly, particularly the Y axis. They should be fully slotted into the base frame and not hanging off the back.

That said, keep in mind the only physical connection to the motion system is in the center, which allows for a rocking forward/back, and makes it not fully flat. Your best bet is to do a surface facing operation first to make it square to the machine, stain it without moving it again, then run your engrave. Otherwise, ensure all other movement is higher.

It doesn’t have anything to do with software or the model. (other than the fact that luban has terrible toolpaths and will often want to do a pass over the whole face of an object, even though nothing is being machined there. Fusion 360 or Easel by Inventables is much better at this sort of thing).

Your problem is probably the x-axis isn’t parallel to your wasteboard. Do a search for “Tramming” on here and you’ll get the info you need to adjust it. It might also help to surface the entire waste board (or a sacrificial piece) but in your case it only looks like it’s left to right.

You can also solve your particular problem of it hitting the surface by increasing your overall cutting depth of your design but raising the starting Z origin by a mm or so.


Thanks so much for your feedback. I will try it out and follow up here.